Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jeff Monson Vs Paul Taylor Sprawl 'n' Brawl 09-10-11

Members of the club went to Birmingham on the 9th October to taste some more of this countries MMA delights and witness its rising talent. As always with Sprawl n Brawl all of the matches were exciting to watch, we also saw the return of Chris “The Cyborg” Rice. When the footage is released we will put it up for you. For now though...

Jeff Monson Vs Paul Taylor

We are still waiting for the official footage to be put up but here is a little clip we borrowed from one of the other spectators. The clip starts around three minutes in. What you miss on the footage isn't much. Jeff Monson was clearly looking for the take down closing in on Paul Taylor eventually backing him toward the cage as Paul was trying to defend Jeff's advances.

Here they are once Paul Taylor was taken to the ground. 
The general consensus is that Paul Taylor knew if the fight went to ground the out come was inevitable. We will let you watch the clip and decide for yourself. 

For all the clubs Jujutsu members look carefully. It's all white belt techniques that Jeff Monson is using. They are the foundation stones for a reason. Jeff's execution is spot on. So I guess he's a pro for a reason too!


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