Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Where we have been, where we are going

The club has seen a string of successes lately and is going from strength to strength. We have recently moved to a new premises and those interested in attending a class or members wanting information on class times and venues should call 07944506889.

Class Times are:
Mondays: MMA
Saturdays: Traditional Jujutsu

The MMA Factor Prize Fighter Competitions.

Our recent MMA Factor Competition was a roaring success for both those in and out of the ring. The level of competition was very tough for an amateur level and the excitement amongst the crowd of spectators was immense. Visit our facebook page for pictures from the club and fans.

Visiting other clubs

Back in July a few members from the club visited our neighboring team in Birmingham, Team Sprawl 'n' Brawl, for some friendly inter-club match-ups. The feeling on the day was great and as always they made us welcome. We were pleased to see some amateur members mucking in and rolling around, increasing their experience and testing their skills. We find this type of get-together so important in the world of UKMMA. Not only does it bring together clubs from across the country in an open and friendly environment but it’s the closest experience a fighter can get to taking on someone they don’t know and testing their skills before getting into a ring for the first time.

Sprawl 'n' Brawl hosted their own Prize Fighter competition this Sunday which was another great success on their part with over 1500 people in the crowd. The weight category was 70Kg fighting at a Semi-Pro level & they put up a £3K cash prize for the winner.

What we are looking forward to:

We are really looking forward to attending the AMMA Fighting Championship this Saturday 17th July in Wolverhampton, we will keep you posted on how that goes. You can also visit this Facebook page for more info. For directions see the official website via the link above.

And of course: Our Next prize fighter competition coming to you in 2012. Watch this space!

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