Sunday, 6 February 2011

Back to Basics

In a recent article from the February edition of Martial Arts Illustrated, there was a quote highlighted from the text: "forget techniques just walk". This is similar to a phrase that has been uttered on the mats of our Dojo many a time. The article itself was about distraction, and there's one particular distraction I would like to focus on and again I will call upon the quotes from the article.

"Art for Arts Sake"
Meaning, for example, why would you fuss over a fancy throw, simply because it looks impressive, when it is the simplest efforts that can create the greatest results. Often as martial artists, fighters and professional athletes we are distracted by the spectacular display of the art itself, the one that first drew us in. Likelihood is we saw someone perform an outstanding move, forcing their opponent into a submission, or watched one too many kung fu movies as a child, and we have been hooked on the dream of our own success ever since. The reality is that it is not those moves, not the high flying throws or the fancy techniques, that will see you through. It is more important to focus on the foundation that our training is built on - to build upon that core and become the experts we crave to be. Even in Martial Arts, there's no point being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

In life, martial arts, and sportsmanship remember we aim to succeed. Do not be distracted by others - you are not here to impress them you are here to be successful and to be respected for your efforts. You will be respected and you will find success if you focus on what is important and forget the distractions.

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